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Too Early In The Journey (CD)


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1. The Ballad Of Me And The Doctor
2. My Drug Buddy
3. Your Ghost
4. Dirt
5. Concrete Jungle
6. This Land Is Your Land
7. Hillbrow
8. So Much Wine
9. Elvis Presley Blues
10. A Lover Sings
11. Gin & Juice
12. Shot Down
13. Train Station
14. What I Got


Release Date: August 31, 2011

Press Quotes for Too Early In The Journey:


“Definitely the most surprising of South Africa’s releases back in early 2012…It stood out from everything else.”
 – Nas Who, Another Day


“A well-considered collection of Gil’s influences with dabbles of his own brilliance.” 
- Scott Smith, The New Age


“Go track this down if you want something very different and truly special.” 
- Coup Magazine


“The album unveils as a kind of demented songbook…Hockman makes these classics his own sad creatures.” 
- Muse Magazine