Gil Hockman

Since March 1996, when I joined my local campus radio station, I have been adventuring through music. Though the ‘industry’, though the ‘business’, and through the stages, studios, practice rooms, living rooms, festival fields; the moments of elation, moments of despair, moments of success, of failure and of WTF?! …and everything else squeezed in between.

During these times I’ve done my best to wear all the hats that the universe of music has thrown at me: being in bands and going solo; managing tours, recordings and releases; working as a popular culture journalist in radio and print; owning and running a live music venue; working PR for venues, artists and events; developing and managing festivals; promoting shows for touring artists; and most recently, creating workshops and providing individual coaching for independent musicians.

It has been the journey of a lifetime, and it continues…

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